Turn Based Tactics for PC and Mac

The Gamma Protocol story begins shortly after WWII, when extraterrestrials appear in war-torn Europe to retrieve an important artifact. At first, humanity is slow to respond to the new threat and makes a half-hearted attempt to stop the invasion by letting former German Wehrmacht forces defend their home territory. Over time, units from the Allies are thrown into the fray to stem the alien advance.


Experience the revolutionary Integrated Command System (ICS) to engage in battles on land, air and sea. Utilize each environment to let land, air and sea battles affect each other.



Create and customize your own army with dozens of battle proven and experimental WWII tanks and airplanes. Increase your arsenal by upgrading your human technology and capturing alien equipment for hybrid functions.



Battle online with friends or any opponent worldwide. Play live sessions or asynchronous at your own pace. Access the game through your favorite browser and be part of a continuously evolving game franchise!




Join the community and help us make GAMMA PROTOCOL great!


Latest News

  • Thomas Hertzler – Creator

    Hertzler’s career began back in the mid-80s while working at Rainbow Arts on titles for Atari ST and Amiga. Since then he has been accredited as game programmer, producer, publisher, designer and co-founder/owner of Blue Byte Software. Best known for internationally award winning “The Settlers” Series and “Battle Isle” Series.

    Hertzler formed Stratotainment to bring his signature brand of strategy to today’s modern connected gaming audience.

    Thomas Hertzler – Creator
  • Billy Garretsen – UX & Brand

    Billy Garretsen is a designer who specializes in Brand Development and User Experience. He is an established digital artist and has over 100 game credits for mobile, console and PC. He currently works with game industry veterans Gordon Walton (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies) and Todd Coleman (Shadowbane, Wizard 101) at ArtCraft Entertainment where he contributes to brand development of Kickstarter success, CROWFALL™. Prior to that, Garretsen led a variety of creative teams at multiple game studios and start-ups.

    See more of Billy Garretsen’s work at https://billygarretsen.wordpress.com/

    Billy Garretsen – UX & Brand
  • Top3Line – Game Development

    Top3Line is an independent Slovakian game development studio founded in 2008 as a sister company of Cauldron. It is a licensed developer for iPhone/iPad, NintendoDS/3DS, Nintendo Wii, Android phones and Mac OS.

    For more games and info visit http://www.top3line.com/

    Top3Line – Game Development
  • Data Mosaic – Web Technology

    Specializing in enterprise and ISV application development, Data Mosaic is the developer behind Data Sutra, Sutra CMS, Coding Nomad and Kabootit. Prior collaboration with Thomas Hertzler includes custom software in the airplane industry space. Data Mosaic takes pride in building software that works, software that looks good, software you actually like using.

    Data Mosaic – Web Technology