Gamma Protocol brings you turn-based gameplay like you have never experienced before. Command Army and Air Force* units in a physics-driven environment to dominate your opponent. Research new technology and build your own army to participate in one-on-one matches and a story-driven campaign.
* Navy coming Spring 2018

The Story

Our story begins on July 16th, 1945 in a remote location in New Mexico. The radiation signature of the event is picked up by an ancient network of sensors and the Gamma Protocol is initiated. Mankind has stepped over the nuclear threshold and is now earmarked for pacification.
Eight months later, the Watchers are ready and attack along the northern coastline of war-torn Germany. Under the banner of the newly formed United Nations, mankind starts to fight back with everything it has.

Single and Multi Player

Gamma Protocol has four distinct battle modes. After downloading the game, you’ll be able to play single player (PVE) and multiplayer missions (PVP). The premium version unlocks Ranked Battles and Campaigns.


Every battle earns you resources that can be applied to research and purchase new equipment or train your crews. Choose from an ever growing number of military hardware to increase your army’s strength.