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Gamma Protocol

The Gamma Protocol story begins shortly after WWII, when extraterrestrials appear in war-torn Europe to retrieve an important artifact. At first, humanity is slow to respond to the new threat and makes a half-hearted attempt to stop the invasion by letting former German Wehrmacht forces defend their home territory. Over time, units from the Allies are thrown into the fray to stem the alien advance.

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Command & Control

  • Experience the revolutionary Integrated Command System (ICS)
  • Engage in battles on land, air and sea
  • Utilize battle space specific environments and maneuvers
  • Use the ICS to let land, air and sea battles affect each other

Build Your Army

  • Choose from different virtual military advisors to match your play style
  • Create and customize your own army
  • Select from dozens of battle proven and experimental WWII tanks and airplanes
  • Add captured alien equipment to augment your army
  • Research human and alien technology to upgrade your units

Be Social

  • Compete in special events and earn exclusive bonus units and items
  • Battle online with friends or any opponent worldwide
  • Play live sessions or asynchronous at your own pace
  • Access the game through your favorite browser
  • Take part in a vibrant and dedicated online community
  • Be part of a continuously evolving game franchise