Gamma Protocol offers you a gaming experience unlike anything ever before. It brings together tactical turn-based gameplay and explosive action in an alternate world. Command ground and air units in a richly detailed environment built on real-world physics.
Build your own army and customize it between battles. Research new technology to upgrade your forces and crush your opponents. Fight thrilling battles both in multiplayer and the immersive story-driven campaign as you combat the alien threat.

The Story

Our story begins on July 16th, 1945 in a remote location in New Mexico. The radiation signature of the event is picked up by an ancient network of sensors and the Gamma Protocol is initiated. Mankind has stepped over the nuclear threshold and is now earmarked for pacification.
Eight months later, the Watchers are ready and attack along the northern coastline of war-torn Germany. Under the banner of the newly formed United Nations, mankind starts to fight back with everything it has.

Single and Multi Player

Gamma Protocol offers four distinct battle modes. The main campaign is story-driven and expands on the rich background and world of Gamma Protocol. Players can also test their skills in Ranked Missions as well as in single-player (PVE) skirmishes. Multiplayer (PVP) missions allow you to face the challenge of a human adversary.

Army Building

Earn resources from battles and use them to research new technology, purchase upgrades, and train your vehicle crews and squads. Modify your units with better armour and weapons. Unlock new tiers of equipment and units as you proceed along the tech tree. Customize your force and build your own unique army.