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Gamma Protocol is a turn-based tactical strategy game. Engagements between the combatants happen in a 1:1 scale environment observing physical rules like like line-of-sight, power-to-weight ratio, inertia, kinetic energy and real-world combat stratagems. The upshot is, that a tank in Gamma Protocol behaves like a tank and an airplane behaves like an airplane. Naval forces will join the struggle in early 2016.

The background story of Gamma Protocol begins shortly after WW2 in late 1945, when a small group of aliens invade Denmark and Northern Germany. In this alternate history universe, mankind has to reunite or face certain defeat and subjugation. As the player you will start of with the remnants of the once powerful German army and air force and contemporary war machines of the Allies.

In short order you will acquire research capabilities and loot the battle field for alien tech. Soon you’ll have access to the Tiger I Ausf. X, a beast straight out of Frankenstein’s laboratory. And you’ll need it too, the aliens just keep reinforcing their force from the depth of the North Sea.

Gamma Protocol will be free-to-play with a unique discount system.

Watch the “News” section for news from the development department and updated release schedules.

The Gamma Protocol Team