Historical Units

Historical Units

“Quantity has a quality all of its own”. Though antiquated by the standards of the invaders and their technology, large numbers of combat vehicles from the war still rest in depots and bases across the world. Their production lines still exist and it takes little to get a factory churning out tanks and armoured cars again.

Experimental prototypes and hybrid units might be on a more equal footing but it’s the standard units that bear the brunt of the fighting. Outgunned and outclassed, they’re still a threat in large numbers to even the most advanced alien tanks. Easily mass produced and less prone to mechanical failure, they make up the majority of the UN forces.

Shown here is a standard model Sherman M4A3 formerly of the Allies and now a common sight amongst the UN ranks.

Name: Sherman M4A3 (75)

Class: Medium Tank

Tier: I