How To Play


Once you have registered for a Gamma Protocol account you may log into the online game portal. First time users should navigate to the INSTALLATION tab. This is where you will find information for how to obtain the desktop game client required to play matches.


The NEW BATTLE tab is where you can create a new match against another registered player. Select your Scenario type, Opponent and match settings. Once created, this battle will appear in the active battle list on the front page.


You can launch the game client automatically by selecting your desired match and pressing the PLAY button.



The goal of every scenario during the alpha stage of the game is to eliminate all enemy threats. Gamma Protocol is an asynchronous multiplayer game. This means that both players will take turns moving and attacking without having to be online at the same time. When one player finishes a turn then the other player will begin their turn and the match will go back and forth until one player loses or surrenders.

At the outset of the match, not every enemy position is known so it is important that you explore your surroundings carefully. Once an enemy enters your range of visibility they will become exposed and vulnerable to your attacks.


Navigate the game space by first selecting a unit and then selecting a destination within that unit’s movement range. Units have multiple movement points. Use all of them to go to your maximum movement range. This is wise when you have a lot of area to cover or are on the run. However, this can be reckless as it compromises your effectiveness in combat. Remember, just like real war, it’s hard to shoot a moving target and even harder when you are also moving. If you only move a small distance within your inner movement cone, you can forfeit your remaining movement points by issuing a STOP command. By doing this, you have effectively come to a stop which greatly increases your shot accuracy and firepower.


Every unit has a number of attack points and capabilities. Select from your available weapons in the user interface. When a new weapon is selected, your unit’s attack range may change which is depicted in the UI. Your different weapons are effective against different types of enemy units so be sure to experiment. If an enemy unit is in range of your selected weapon, you can target them by moving your mouse cursor over them. If they are in range, you can click on them to initiate your attack. For units with multiple attack points, it is possible to attack multiple times – great for dominating a single unit, or spreading the damage between a few units within your range.


When playing a match that has multiple battle spaces (land and air) you can acquire special unit actions. By flying airplanes into the large blue cone object, those plane units will become available to use as special air strikes in the ground game.


When in the ground game, select your desired special unit from the assist unit list in the game HUD. You can then specify a target to attack with the assist unit. If a player has remaining assist units at the end of their turn, those units will be returned to the sky battle space.AssistPanel


Once you have finished all of your available actions for each unit, your turn is over. Any time you wish to end your turn and initiate the opponent turn, press the END TURN button in the user interface.

After confirming you will be taken back to the lobby menu where you will wait for your next turn. As soon as one player’s forces have all be eliminated, the match will be over and rewards will be given. Both the winner and loser receive rewards, with the winner receiving a bonus for winning. Currencies are not currently supported for metagame activities yet. However, in the future these currencies will allow you to buy new units and gear.

Quitters and cheaters never prosper. Cheating will not be tolerated. If you are doing poorly in a match and have little chance of winning it is better to finish the match rather than surrender early. By surrendering you will be penalized a large portion of the currencies you would have earned, even as the loser of the match. Be considerate and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.