Hybrid Units

Hybrid Units

The United Nations place a high priority on recovering alien technology. Standing orders are to salvage anything usable from the battlefield. UN scientists spend hours behind the front lines experimenting on captured alien equipment in a frantic effort to reverse engineer it. The results of these experiments are often deployed immediately for ‘field testing’.

Expensive to make, experimental, and prone to technical failure; the hybrid units still represent humanity’s best hope against the invaders. Using the alien’s own technology against them, it narrows the advantage they have over the UN.

Hybrid units bridge the technological gap between the UN and alien forces. Though nowhere near as streamlined or efficient as the alien models, they still pack quite a punch. Most worryingly of all for the invaders; it shows humanity’s ability to adapt and improvise. 

Shown here is an example of this combination. A modified Panzer IV turret has been mounted on a Tiger chassis. A looted alien railgun is its main armament powered by an experimental generator.

Name: Tiger Ausf. X

Class: Heavy Tank

Tier: II