Statistics Win Wars

Statistics Win Wars

A great deal of R&D has gone into the design of each vehicle in Gamma Protocol. Just from looking at our line-up of vehicles, you can see the amount of detail included. Each tank, SPG, scout, fighter, bomber and battleship is modelled on its real-life counterpart. Take the Centurion Mk 3 AA. Visually, it’s modelled on the classic British Centurion tank, but we have also modified it and added a .50 calibre anti-aircraft machine gun as a secondary weapon mounted on the top of the turret.

But Gamma Protocol’s vehicle stats go further than mere cosmetics. Digging deep into the tanks stats page in the “My Army” menus, uncovers a wealth of information specific to that vehicle.

Broken down into 4 sections: Offense, Defense, Performance and Stealth/Recon, the Unit Stats panel is an invaluable source of pre-fight information that should be used to fine tune your tactics and strategies before you enter into battle.

Offense stats for the Centurion Mk 3 AA detail turret rotation, weapon type, rate of fire, range (both minimum and maximum), accuracy, damage, penetration, burst rate and blast rate.

Clearly, most of these stats are self-explanatory but right now I want to go into a little more detail on accuracy. Accuracy can be a clincher in a firefight, the difference between a win and a loss and it’s affected by a great deal of things.

The basics of this are simple: it’s harder to hit a moving target than a stationary one. This being a turn-based game, it won’t be immediately clear which target is standing still and which is moving, but it’s easy enough to work out. Above each vehicle is a km/h reading. If it reads 0, they’re stationary, anything else means that vehicle is on the move.

But that’s just the basics. Also factored in is speed, distance, whether the target has higher ground and also whether you are moving or not, your speed and, lastly, the ability of your crew members in the attacking vehicle.

So, as you can see, the depth of information that is available to you, that affects your performance on the battlefield, is enormous and well documented. Building an army is fun, but don’t be seduced by the looks of each vehicle because they all have a specific role in a fighting force and a good general knows that he needs a balanced arsenal to be ready for whatever the enemy throws at him. Variety is the key to success.