Officially designated “Technicals” by UN high command; the troops have many unflattering names for the motley collection of customised vehicles the war has churned out. Dubbed “Junkers” or “Mods”, certain customizations have been successful enough in the field to justify standardised production.

The heavy combat losses and breakdown of the Atlantic supply lines have caused a serious logistical crisis for the UN forces in the field. Anything on wheels or tracks is used to bolster the ranks. Damaged vehicles are repaired in field depots or cannibalised for spare parts. If a working turret is found, it’s mounted on any chassis capable of taking it.

Shown here is a Flakpanzer V; cobbled together out of necessity in some field depot. Its deployment is part of a desperate effort to stave off the swarms of alien drones that now dominate the skies of northern Germany

Name: Flakpanzer V Ausf. A (Coelian)

Class: SPAAG

Tier: III