United Nations

United Nations

The United Nations was formed in October 1945 to prevent a Third World War. Less than six months after its formation, its charter was hastily amended to make it the lead command against extraterrestrial aggression. March 26, 1946 would see the UN’s charter changed irrevocably. No one nation has the strength or will to face this challenge alone.

The UN is faced with the monumental task of bringing former enemies and rivals together under a unified command against the alien onslaught. It has to balance the various concerns of its fractious member nations while combating the alien threat. Its challenge is to make a cohesive fighting force out of its diverse membership.

On paper, the UN command integrated units comprised of American, British, Canadian, French, and German troops. In reality it’s a mixture of soldiers and vehicles with new insignia and paint hastily applied. Battered looking Panzer IVs roll into action alongside Shermans and Centurions. Mechanized infantry move in American trucks and German half-tracks while French recon vehicles scout forward positions .

The disastrous military situation has forced some pragmatic decisions. Despite the vehement protests of the Soviet Union; new formations have been raised from former Wehrmacht personnel. As well as granting access to thousands of trained troops, they require no retraining to man the hundreds of refurbished tanks and aircraft that have been pressed into service. American supplies have allowed a multitude of former 3rd Reich armaments to become operational again.

The decision has caused the USSR to refuse participation in any combined action. Soviet forces remain in a defensive posture in their sector, choosing to use eastern Germany and Poland as their buffer zone ahead of any potential alien assault. They refuse to consider fighting alongside a former enemy that has cost them millions of lives.

Similarly there are those in the UN unhappy with the decision to rearm Germany but the invasion has so far kept the fragile alliance from fracturing. It is an unspoken fact amongst the high command that integrating the German personnel was the lesser of two evils. With so much of Germany under alien control, resistance is a given. It ensures that the only sanctioned German units are under UN authority.

Currently the main forces of the UN Expeditionary Force are stationed in southern Germany with the headquarters in Austria. Their mission is to liberate Germany and repel the alien invaders.